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It's a new era in crowdfunding

Not just creators with great ideas anymore. It’s serious companies with serious products. It’s a GTM strategy, a call for distributors, a POC for investors. It’s eCommerce.

Our data-driven approach to crowdfunding is changing the way campaigns are run. Our analytics software and proprietary algorithms give us an unfair advantage in performance advertising. Our messaging testing process and conversion benchmarks make our marketing a science.

Coupled with our amazing creative team, you know you’re in great hands.

Our Services

We strive to work with companies on the serious side. We only market products that are as good as our service.

360 Campaign Management

We plan and execute every aspect of your campaign. From pricing strategy and number crunching to creative messaging and performance advertising.

Performance Advertising

With our proprietary algorithms and software, we help you maximize campaign results.


Based on our growing knowledge base, we’ll help you steer your campaign to excellence.

Our Stats

Our average funding per campaign

in 2020 was


1 of every 4 campaigns generated over


in 2020

Our Technology

Brainstorming DB

Our awesome creative is always done by our very human team, which we then optimize by testing against multiple creatives that showed good performance with similar audiences.

Aggregated Predictive Analytics

Our system analyzes real-time data from multiple sources to optimize campaigns. This helps understand what’s happening, but also what effort will have the best yield.

Adaptive Targeting

We gather a massive amount of data and use it to constantly improve our advertising ROI. Smart targeting that gets better with every campaign.

Pricing Algorithm

Using a series of tests, we predict how different pricing will impact conversion. Choosing the optimal price point is the most overlooked key factor to success.

Selected Projects

Dride 4K

Next Gen Dashcam

$1.1M on KS

Tropicfeel Nest

The Everyday Adventure Backpack

$570K on KS

Crua Culla

The Ultimate Outdoor Blanket

$400K on Crowdfunding


The Reusable Menstruation Pad

$380K on KS


Level Up Your Chess Game

$1.7M on KS; $1.9M on InDemand

Tropicfeel Shell

The Modern-Day Travel Backpack

$2.3M on KS; $2.4M on InDemand


The Reusable Tissue Pack

$792K on KS; $898K on InDemand


Your New Favorite Educational Robot

$900K on KS; $1M on InDemand


The Pillow Reimagined

$668K on KS; $1.1M on InDemand


Magnetic, Modular Super Puzzle

$2.3M on KS; $2.6M on InDemand

Woojer Edge

Lets you FEEL Sound

$1.9M on KS; $4.5M on InDemand

PowerUp 4.0

Most Advanced App Controlled Paper Airplane

$1.1M on KS; $1.7M on InDemand


The Most Compact Tool Shed Ever

$1.2M on KS; $1.8M on InDemand

RhinoWolf 2.0

The all-in-one Attachable SuperTent

$1.1M on KS; $1.2 on InDemand

Tropicfeel Canyon

The Ultimate Travel Shoe 2.0

$2.3M on KS; $3M on InDemand


A Great F*cking Bag.

$1.1M on KS; $1.9M on InDemand

PowerUp Dart

App Controlled Paper Airplane. With Tricks.

$1.6M on KS; $1.8M on InDemand


The Ultimate Coding Learning Game

$1.1M on KS; $1.2M on InDemand


A Zero-Compromise Jacket for Adventurers

$1.7M on KS; $1.3M on InDemand

Upright Go

Correct Your Screen Slouch

$1.1M on KS

Taga 2.0

The ultimate family bike

$2.5M on KS; $5.2M on InDemand


The off switch for menstrual pain

$1.7M on IGG


The Ultimate Travel Shoe

$2.5M on KS. $3.7M on InDemand

PowerUp 3.0

Smartphone controlled paper airplane

$1.2M on KS

Mutable 2.0

The All-in-One Children Play Table

$1.3M on KS


Get Insanely Creative GIFs, Photos & Videos

$585K on KS. $1.4M on InDemand


Instant Privacy for Smart Homes

$884K on KS


The Classic Puzzle Reinvented

$847K on KS


The Most Portable Tennis Ball Launcher

$731K on KS


A New Way to Play Guitar

$704K on KS


Building blocks meet electricity and IoT

$716K on KS. $1.5M on InDemand


The Hammock You'll Want to Stay in Forever

$625K on KS

Crowdfunders’ Fund

While our services are usually geared towards larger, funded companies and very big campaigns, we want to help creators with amazing products that didn’t secure big rounds yet. That’s why we’ve created our own fund. It enables creators to scale their campaign with up to $500K.

The model lets early stage companies minimize risk, scale big on production and reduce manufacturing costs. It’s based on our favorite concept: win-win.

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